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【Let’s go home rather than attending lessons!】 If you study Japanese, the international share house.



Do you continue the lesson since you’ve become a full working adult?


For example, Japanese lesson.

Can you keep the promise you’ve decided to attend lessons twice a week?

“I want to learn business conversation.”
“I want to be able to write long sentence in Japanese.”
“I want to be able to negotiate in Japanese.”

Do you fade away from the lesson which you start in earnest to learn the Japanese?
Once every two weeks.
Once every a month.
Does it not become the cause of worry?

The reality of adult can’t get time as expected.

Why don’t you attend the lesson at home rather than going anywhere?

Japanese lesson you can learn at home.

There is the chance that you can meet not only Japanese but also foreigners.

“I’m home!”
At the same time to go home, you have an environment to learn Japanese.

Through the conversation with the Japanese, you can learn Japanese to speak by daily life.

“Can you confirm this sentence?”
“I’ll run business, so can you practice with me?”
“Please tell me why this is a mistake!”

Here is the pleasant environment for the people who want to learn the Japanese at your own pace.

You do not struggle to find time to attend Japanese lesson, but are able to concentrate on learning Japanese.

That is the feature of the international share house that you can attend Japanese lesson at home.

Let’s make an investment in yourself wisely!

The merit of living in the international share house is not only home lesson.

Please pay attention to the benefit included in the rent.

You can get the opportunity to learn Japanese from daily life to business conversation in earnest while staying at home.

You can get the opportunity to meet and have a relationship with foreigners from various countries.

You can participate in the intercultural party every month.

You can use fulfilling shared space such as bouldering, theater room, entertainment room and multipurpose room.

You can make various type of Japanese friends.

You’ll be familiar with Japanese information and wide the width of the chance.

You can learn not only Japanese but also multilingual because people from various countries gather here.

You can make an investment in enjoying your life because you have time and money to spare.


What you can get from the cost of living varies greatly according to how to use the rent.

In the international share house, the rent will be to make good investment in yourself to enrich life.

The encounter at the international share house may change your life.

Your linguistic ability improve may wide the width of your work.

Select your house is also one of self-investment.

“Will you be able to get suitable life for you?”

Let’s choose the house also in such point of view.


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