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Asuka Sakamoto



I’m from Yamanashi Prefecture. After high school, I studied abroad in Canada, and eventually lived, studied, and occasionally worked in Canada, Mexico, Spain, the United State – seven years overseas in total! I’ve lost count of how many shared houses I lived in across the world…but thinking back to all the places I’d lived, I wanted to live somewhere I could garden more.

My hobbies include music (piano, keyboards), dance, cooking, travel, sports (working out, basketball, diving), gaming – and many, many more.

I can speak Spanish and English. Yokohama Bay Garden is great because the grounds are spacious, and, considering that we’re in a metropolis, it’s a relaxed environment. I recommend this house for those who prefer not to live among flocks of people, and like to kick back. We like to have tea among the flowers, and cook with the vegetables we grow. We have monthly parties, and are always open to suggestions. If this is your first time living in a shared environment, our friendly manager will ease any anxieties you might have. Feel free to come visit!



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