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【Even shyness is all right!]The international share house to enjoy the life in Japan.



“The international share house where cross-cultural exchange is daily life seems fun!
But, I am shy, so I can’t live there…”


No! That’s not true.

In the international share house “Discovery Meinohama South”, there is much environment that you can make friends with strangers.

Even the people of the shyness can enjoy cross-cultural exchange,
and value one time in the private space.
In addition, there are many opportunities to learn Japanese and know about Japan.


Conquer the shyness by the cross-cultural exchange!

For the people of shyness, the international exchange may feel high hurdles.

However, it is the people of shyness that should do the international exchange.

Culture, custom and also common sense are different.
You can interchange with the people who have different values.
In involving people, it is important that not the communication ability but rather the feeling to want to know the partner.

How have you lived?
In what situations, what do you think?
How do you enjoy your life?
How will you live in the future?

You meet the people who vary in the country, the sex, the age and the past experience.
You tell each other the nice experience that you have obtained in each life.

Here, communication ability isn’t necessary.
The feeling to want to know the partner is all.

You can come back in basics of the relation with the people by cross-cultural exchange.

Here is the place where the people of shyness enjoy the encounter, which is the international share house “Discovery Meinohama South”.

Remember the value of casual time

You don’t need anything special to make friends with anybody.

When you meet someone in one morning, you say “Good morning!”.
When you go out, you say “I’m going.”.

Through exchanging usual greetings, you smile at each other.
Through home cooking of each other, you think of daily life in various countries.

How heartwarming the accumulation of trivial thing is!
What a nice day it changes into!
Those remind you.

You can come back in basics in the international share house.

A lot of chance to enjoy the encounter

There are a lot of opportunities to enjoy the encounter in the international share house “Discovery Meinohama South”.

Through not only cross-cultural exchange but also the international exchange parties and various events,
through the substantial shared space (theater room, house bar counter, bouldering and multipurpose room…) in the international share house,
here is a lot of opportunities to enjoy deep exchange.

“Because I’m shy,
because I don’t have high communication ability,
I feel hesitant to live in the international share house.”

If you think so and feel the international share house to be a far-off, it is very wasteful.

Because you are shy, you can enjoy the international share house “Discovery Meinohama South”.


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