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【Invest the time!】 The international share house to the time for three years in one year.



You cannot change length of 24hours a day.
But you can change the density of time.

If you spend one hour, you may spend time not doing anything.
However, you are deep in conversation, so you may spend substantial one hour as if you spend several hours.

In the international share house “Discovery Meinohama South”, the Japanese and foreigner varying in age, nationality, past experience, sense of value, culture live together.

One hour to spend here.
One month to spend here.
One year to spend here.
It will be how deep time.

Raise the value of time!


To live in the international share house “Discovery Meinohama South” is to invest the time.

You can obtain a lot of things through the time living here.

That may be to enjoy Japanese life more,
or may be that your dream comes true in unexpected way,
or may be to meet lifelong friends and partners.

You learn the way to live happily and you may be able to make use of it to yourself.

What kind of influence will the choice to try to live in the international share house be?

There is the immeasurably potential life.

Live in dense time!


For example,
one hour to spend by a single life is completely different from one hour to spend with ten foreigners.

gathering information,
all of them are completely different.

If you have a lot of problems, you’ll be able to find the solution which you can’t do alone.

You capture things in ten points of view, so you can obtain the solution, idea and information that you can’t think.

In the international share house “Discovery Meinohama South”, 30 or 40 people gather.

You’ll be able to experience that the value of one hour changes completely.

Get a lot at the same time!


An encounter beyond the imagination is also the charm of the international share house “Discovery Meinohama South”.

For example,
when you try to start a business,
“I have a friend who will be interested in the business.”
“You should talk with this person.”
you may meet the unexpected key person through residents or their friends.

Thanks to the encounter, you’ll be able to achieve your dream to take three years in one year.

An encounter with the one may lead to the encounter with 10 to 100.

By the relation with people,
by the encounter with people,
you can spend the dense time.

The life that you can raise the value of time is in the international share house “Discovery Meinohama South”.


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