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【Meet new yourself!】 The international share house to enjoy the cultural difference.



Italian, British, Canadian, American, Indian, …, not to mention Japanese.


Together with the Japanese,
together with the foreigners from various countries,
you can enjoy your life in the international share house.

Here is the house to achieve that I hope there is such a life.

“I want to enjoy the cross-cultural exchange.”
“I want to learn Japanese.”
“I want to meet new myself.”
“I want to get the experience of a lifetime investment.”

If you thing so, it is a chance to change your life.

Let’s take advantage of the environment of the international share house “Discovery Meinohama South” !


Experience beyond the boundaries of common sense!

The life in the international share house “Discovery Meinohama South” is the great opportunity to feel that your common sense is not all.

“There are such a life!”
“I had never thought that way.”
“There are such use of time and money!”

You’ll be able to tackle your work and private out side the box now more than ever.

You’ll be able to enjoy your life more and more.

While surrounded by foreigners who have decided to try to live in Japan,
while surrounded by the Japanese who desire to learn and are interested in the cross-cultural exchange,
let’s meet new yourself!

Let’s gain the experience of a lifetime investment!

When you look back on the time to spend at home, how do you spend?

Are you spend time that you think this time is changing the future?

What you obtain from passing usual time changes significantly.

For example, until now, the time at home that you go back to sleep changes into the experience of a lifetime investment in the international share house “Discovery Meinohama South”.

Every day to live here is difficult to think that you are bored.

Your time is limited.
How do you spend the limited time?
It’ll make reality and change your future.

You have also the choice that you live in Japan.

Limited life, so you’ll spend deep time.

More details of the international share house “Discovery Meinohana South” can be found here.


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