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【The international share house where residents cultivate language study by exchange each other.】



“Maybe I’ll take a tea break at a lounge♪”
With such an ease, you can live while enjoy a conversation in English or Japanese to coffee one hand.


You can learn Japanese conversation 300 hours a year just to come to the lounge 30 min. or 1 hour per day.

This amount of time can’t arrive just to go to Japanese school in your spare times at work.

You learn language study with friends living together.
You learn language study by making Japanese friends.

That is the environment of the international share house “Discovery Meinohama South”.


Let’s learn practical Japanese!

Speaking in Japanese in daily life to spend with the Japanese is acquiring practical Japanese.

“At such time, how shall I say it?”
“I can make myself understood by this expression!”
“This expression is usable at such time!”

By talking with the Japanese, you’ll be able to speak Japanese depending on the circumstances.

The expression written in a reference book differs from the expression used really.

You can learn naturally the usage of Japanese depending on the situation.
That is the environment of the international share house “Discovery Meinohama South”.

Let’s cultivate language while being wrong!

To have a conversation with the Japanese whom you have made friends with is to talk to each other about
to want to speak depending on your Japanese level,
to want to speak depending on the ability to understand spoken Japanese
and to point out the mistake.

Sometimes You will request “I want you to talk slightly slowly”, and think “I can understand spoken Japanese today”.

In the international share house “Discovery Meinohama South”, you can enjoy a conversation depending on contents, the situation and your level.
Therefore, you’ll make progress naturally in your English.

Develop your abilities of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

To live with the Japanese is good opportunity
to read the Japanese text,
to write in Japanese,
to talk with the Japanese,
and listen to Japanese conversation.

Training to read.
Training to write.
Training to speak.
Training to listen.

It is charm only in the international share house “Discovery Meinohama South” to be able to adopt these in your life at the same time.

To select a house is a fork of the progress of language study.

Let’s take advantage of the environment of the international share house “Discovery Meinohama South”!


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