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【The international share house where you can enjoy the intercultural exchange with children】



Do you think that your choice is limited by making your dreams come true while having your children?


However, if you have children, if you are one parent, you don’t have to anything up.

For example, the international share house.

Here, you can meet people who are not only foreigners but also have seen a lot of life.

The encounter will teach you to change the factor to narrow your choice into the essence to live freely.

The international share house is a place where people enjoying to live and being creative gather.

There is the house where you can enjoy the life with children more.


Children won’t be alone.

Finding employment, a change of job, a company or independence…
When you make an effort toward the realization of the dream,
When you concentrate your job,
When you beat your brain out to tackle your problem,
time to face your children will decrease.

But in the international share house, there is an environment that you can live while helping each other and cooperating together.

As long as you live here, your children aren’t alone if you concentrate your job or study.

When you go home, you’ll feel the security that somebody is there.
If you don’t take your children along special place, there is an environment that you can see a lot of life in daily life.

The international share house is not only a place for the intercultural exchange.

Here is also a place to develop the new state of family and education.

You can realize that there is no impossibility.

“I’d like to expand my life while having my child.”
“The time to spend with my child is also important but I’d like to enhance my job and private.”
“I’d like to live with my child in Japan.”

Even if you have a dream like this, have you given up?

You think that single mother or father can’t often do a lot, so have you given up?

The former common sense is what you have thought.

However, the common sense in the international share house is different.

“I’ll make my dream come true for my child.”
This is common sense here.

Even if you have a child,
Even if you can’t speak Japanese,
you can make a dream that you want to live and work in Japan come true.

You’ll become hungry for your dream more.

You can enjoy the life that you interchange internationally with your child.


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