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【The treasury of idea】 The international share house where you can raise an inventiveness.



“How can I come up with an interesting idea?”
“How can I improve my sense like that person?”
“How can I find business opportunities?”


If you think so, you may experience different things so far and try to improve your inventiveness and sense.

It is you that the person who choose different things so far is.

If you want to improve your inventiveness and sense more than you until now, you think that you meet people who you’ve never met.


Living that you experience the unknown world.

The international share house is the place where you can meet the people who are different in nationality, age, gender and occupation.

If you live here, you can not only meet the various type of Japanese, but also the people from various countries.

Not to mention, the people gathering in the international share house experience different culture, religious outlook, educational environment, dietary habit, music, books, magazine, searching site and so on….

Through the relationship with them, you can experience “the world you have never seen before”.
In addition, you can get the chance you learn Japanese culture, language.

If you improve your sense,
If you want to learn Japanese culture and language,
there isn’t the most suitable environment.

The intercultural exchange that change your view of work.

You touch the different values.
You experience the unknown world.
Those don’t only improve your inventiveness and sense, but also change your view of life and work.

In what you have thought only three choices, you’ll realize there are ten or one hundred choices.

You may able to find the new needs you haven’t realize ever.

By the daily experience of intercultural exchange, you may be able to improve communication skill and presentation skill naturally.

You realize there is unknown common sense.
That is why your world viewpoint will change.

In the international share house,
for the people who have a lot of curiosity, there are days of the adventure you can meet the people from various countries,
for the people who are ambition, there is the daily learning opportunity,
for the people who want to obtain something, there are a lot of opportunities.

If you have growth will,
Let’s take advantage of the international share house!


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