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【Try experience than reading 10,000 books!】The international share house where you can know how to enjoy your life.



No matter how many books you read,
No matter how much information you have,
there is nothing like an experience.


What is to live in Japan?
What is to live a fulfilling life?
What is to make your dreams come true?

Let’s meet world people with various sense through the experience that you live in the international share house!


You can realize the road to attractive life

“I’d like to live such a satisfying life.”
“I’d like to live like that man.”

If you have an admiration like this, you may not realize what you’d better do.
That is why you feel the admirable person far you.

How about the international share house?

There are opportunities that you can meet people of various way of life, know the various sense of values and look at various way of life.

What kind of time do they spend every day?
What do they think?
What kind of action do they take?

You can know the way of life that you think they are good.

The encounter in the international share house is not the temporary encounter.

By sharing life, you can learn the wonderful way of life while developing a good personal relationship.

With the foreigner who has the ability to take action and decides to live in Japan,
With the Japanese who has a thirst for knowledge and is interested in intercultural exchange,
With the people who are full of vitality,
There is the life that you can share the wisdom to enjoy your life.

Let’s look at the way of life of yourself!

The encounter with the people who vary in nationality, culture, sense of value, thinking and past experience is a mirror to project yourself new.

You may notice the passion that you have never felt “I want to live like this”.

You may meet the dream that you have never imagined “I want to challenge like that”.

The life in the international share house is the opportunity not only that you have intercultural exchange and learn Japanese but also that you meet yourself new.

There is an true experience not to be possible only by reading books, searching on the internet.

“There is such a way of life!”
“There is such a way of enjoying too!”
“There is such wonderful world!”

Be impressed and try experience a lot!


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