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【What do you want for your house?】The international share house is the house that you can connect with people.



What kind of place is “house” for you?


The place that you go home to.
The place that you sleep.
The place that your family gather.
The place that you live.

“House” has many roles.

But, do you know that “house” has more roles?

The place that you meet people.
The place that you grow up by stimulation.
The place that you enjoy the intercultural exchange.
The place that you improve skills.
The place that you acquire necessary knowledge for making your dream come true.

Now, there are a variety of houses to respond to various needs.

One of them is a concept share house.

“What do I demand for house?”

When you think so, the international share house may be one of the houses granting your thought.


The house where you can connect with people from all over the world.

“I want to live a life to be connected to the person.”
“I want to meet people across the nationality.”

If you think so, there is the international share house.

USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Philippines, India, Nepal, Korea, not to mention Japan.

People of more various nationality gather here.

Here is the house where you can enjoy intercultural exchange on a daily basis.

People who want to connect with people across the nationality.
People who want to learn Japanese.
People who want to make friends with various type of Japanese.
People who want to learn a multi-language.
People who want to enjoy the difference of culture of the world.
People who want to experience Japanese culture deeply.
People who want to work in Japan.
People who want to spend a stimulating day.
People who want to grow up day by day.

The international share house has the environment to respond to various needs.

The house to respond the life you demand.
That is a concept share house, the international share house.

The house changing your life.

To grow up.
To receive stimulation.
To meet people.
To have a new experience.

Have you ever thought that you can experience there at home?

There are a variety of houses.
You can experience what you demand while being at home.

For example, the international share house.

Events, seminars, parties, various theme events are held here.

The outside people also gather, so you can form more connection with some one.

While you are at home, you can get the opportunity of learning, stimulation, new experience, encounter, impression, growing up.

People who get these opportunities outside spend a lot of time and money “to get the opportunities.”

However, you can spend them “to take advantage of the opportunities” here.

That is sure to change your future.

What do you demand for house?

Let’s ask yourself again.


Please check the international sharehouse official site


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