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【Why is that person’s life nice?】 The international share house where you can share the wisdom to live.



People who are enjoying their life.
People who are enjoying their work.
People who make their dream come true one after another.


When you listen to the way of life of the great people, you may get depressed by the difference between them and you.

“I cannot do anything like them because I’m not great man.”

However, is there really the difference?

Perhaps, it may be a little bit of difference of consciousness that you can enjoy your life or not.


Do you make pleasant circulation?

The difference between the people who seems to think their life is nice and the others may be the difference how they find pleasure.

People who pursue pleasure in the point beyond something may feel the life is continuous hard things.

For example, work.

“If I got over facing difficulty, I could get money.”
“If I got money, I could enjoy anything.”

If you think like this, you find pleasure after hard things.

But, people who enjoy their work think about how you enjoy their work.

“How can I work by the good flow?”
“How can I have more people please?”
“Through these worrisome problems, what can I learn and how can I grow up?”

By thinking about the way to get over a difficulty while being excited, you can change difficulty into an energy source to enjoy your work.

By thinking out a way to enjoy your work, you can enjoy working.
After working, you get money, so you can also enjoy something.

You can make “pleasant” circulation.
That is related to the way of life.

Do you have the viewpoint to enjoy?

In the international share house “Discovery Meinohama South”, there is never the same person.

Everyone here has his own world and enjoy living.

Of course, you can meet various Japanese people.
By the life that you meet foreigners gathering around the world, you can absorb the great wisdom of your life.

You can find that people who enjoy their life or work vary in a viewpoint of everyday life as well as life and work style.

“I didn’t live while thinking like this.”
“There was such a viewpoint and such a way of enjoying.”

You will be able to find “a hint” to enjoy your daily life.

To live is wonderful.
It is the international share house “Discovery Meinohama South” that tells you that!


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