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introduce from Uchino Masahiro

About us

Company Name
Irodori Factory, K.K
Date of Establishment
March 2009
Masahiro Uchino
Themed share-house concept building, production, and consulting; IT consulting, system development


 : @masahiro_uchino

 : masahiro.uchino

Masahiro Uchino

Human Knot (Collective Residence)
Founder and Vice President Planning and management of designer share houses

MyNet Japan ( In-house Social Network product management and mobile promotion

Drecom ( Planning of in-house blog products, requirements, and development Development and management of customized products IBM Japan ( System Engineer Planning, development, and instruction of large-scale development team Development of banking industry web system, technical training for system engineers

Interested in cultural exchange, I first moved into a share house seven years ago. During my time there experiencing other cultures and walks of life, I decided that I wanted to make this way of living more accessible to others.
To educate myself on the share house industry, I lived in ten different share houses visited over 200 properties. I established myself as a vice president of a share house management company and operated four designer share houses. I eventually branched out on my own as Irodori Factory, going on to produce nine themed share houses. These include x-garden Sakuradai, a haven for entrepreneurs; Cross World, an English language skill-building home, Parenting Home Takatsu, a housing cooperative for single mother families - all “firsts” in Japan. Irodori Factory’s philosophy is to create a company that encourages people to “feel purpose in each day”. We strive to create environments where people of all walks of life can be true to themselves, and follow their dreams and ideals. From here on, I aim to expand beyond share houses - toward housing complexes and the community at large. I aim to contribute to a society in which the old and the young can realize the value and richness of human connection.