playful_en - [起業家・英語漬け・子育て支援]コンセプトシェアハウス専門会社[東京、横浜、京都、福岡]

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Yokohama 「PLAYFUL」

Pet OK!


『Cultural Exchange + PLAYFUL』


1 minutes walk from Keikyu-line Gumyouzi station
10 minutes to Yokohama
Address: Yokohama-city,minami-ku,koumyouzi-cho 267-3


¥14000-(Utilities expenses include gas, water, electricity, WiFi, cleaning.)
¥30000-(Management fee,once.When you have pet,50000yen)

Please note:

Please enjoy rooftop terrace and massage chair and large bathtub. B101 has private kitchen. So we recommend it for a person like cooking or a couple.


『Cultural Exchange + PLAYFUL』

With the aim of environment in which it is possible to get noticed a lot of that nationality, language, culture, among people of different occupations to living together, able to greatly expand the world of life.

Nagashi Somen Party


Event info


A-Building(5 rooms) & B-Building(9 rooms) are lined.

rooms rent Utilities size Remarks State Conditions
A101 11.3㎡ full Philippine
A201 9.4㎡ full Japan
A202 9.7㎡ full Japan
A203 10.1㎡ full Switzerland
A204 10.2㎡ full Japan
B101 19.8㎡ with private kitchen full Japan
B102 14.1㎡ full Japan
B103 6.5㎡ full Japan
B201 11.2㎡ full Korea
B202 9.8㎡ full Japan
B203 13.6㎡ full Japan
B301 13.5㎡ full Japan
B302 61,000 14,000 18㎡ available Japan (Available from 4/22)
B303 17.6㎡ full Japan