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Nyanko no Mori Yokohama -Shared residence with cats-


The richness of living surrounded by cats and cat lovers


14 minutes walk from Byobugaura Station on the Keihin Kyuko Line
20 minutes walk from JR Shin-Sugita Station
3-14-5 Nakahara, Isogo-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture


10㎡ rent 45,000 yen
14㎡ rent 51,000 yen
20㎡ rent 63,000 yen
50㎡(1LDK) with private kitchen, toilet, and bath room rent 81,000 yen

●Furnished: Rent +3000 yen
(lighting, bed, desk, chair, refrigerator, curtains)

●When multiple people/ with cats
For adults: Rent + 18,000 yen
For cats: Rent +3000 yen

Common service fee: 18,000 yen
Initial administration fee 30,000 yene


Cleaning: Twice a week
Events: Monthly social parties

Please note:


The richness of living surrounded by cats and cat lovers

Every day you can relax while interacting with cats in the cat café like lounge.
Surrounded by cat-loving residents, you'll feel comfortable with a kindred spirit and friends by your side.

It is also helpful for those who have just started keeping cats to be able to learn about them from those around them.
Or, when traveling, they can ask each other for help in taking care of their pets.
A circle of mutual support among cat lovers.。

Those who are unable to keep cats themselves due to their work schedule can also enjoy the company of cats in the lounge here.
If you are not able to keep a cat by yourself because of your work, you can enjoy the daily life with cats in the lounge here.

Those who have not taken the first step because they are worried about keeping a cat by themselves
can also enjoy the daily life of interacting with cats in the lounge.
You can take a step forward with peace of mind by actually interacting with the cats and learning from the people around you.

We would be happy if this lounge could be a place where people could take a step forward with peace of mind.

Recommended for the following people

■People who already have cats
 ★You can make many cat-loving friends.
 ★You can meet other residents' cats.
 ★You can help each other by taking care of each other's cats when you are away on a trip or business trip.

■For those who want to keep a cat but are worried about it
 ★You can experience cats by touching them.
 ★Surrounded by cat lovers, you can start keeping a cat while being taught.

■For those who can't keep a cat by themselves but love cats方
 ★You can meet other people's cats in the lounge.
 ★You may have a chance to experience the simulated experience of taking care of other residents' cat when they are away.

Virtual visiting tour movie

Route video from the nearest station, Byobugaura Station


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rooms size rent Utilities State terms info
101 50㎡ full 猫2匹 家具なし
201 14㎡ full from Korea 家具A
202 14㎡ full 猫1匹 家具C
203 14㎡ full from Kazakhstan 家具A
204 14㎡ full 猫2匹 from USA 家具なし
205 14㎡ full 家具C
206 14㎡ 51000 18000 available 猫1匹 (Available from 12/3) 家具なし
207 14㎡ full 猫1匹 家具A
208 14㎡ full from USA 家具A
209 14㎡ full 猫2匹 家具なし
210 14㎡ full 家具C
211 20㎡ full 猫4匹 家具なし
212 20㎡ full 猫1匹 from Turkey 家具なし
213 10㎡ 45000 18000 available 家具なし
214 20㎡ full 猫1匹 家具なし
301 14㎡ full 家具なし
302 14㎡ full 家具なし
303 14㎡ full from USA 家具A
304 14㎡ full 家具なし
305 14㎡ full 家具A
306 14㎡ full 家具A
307 14㎡ 54000 18000 available 家具C
308 14㎡ full 猫1匹 家具なし
309 14㎡ full 家具なし
310 14㎡ full from Denmark 家具C
311 20㎡ full 猫2匹 家具C
312 20㎡ full 猫1匹 from Thai 家具なし
313 10㎡ full 家具A
314 20㎡ full 猫1匹 家具C