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【Can you say that you like yourself?】 The international share house to bring out the charm of each person.



When you look back on this week, has anyone praised you?


In an adult society that “of course you did that”,
The opportunities to be praised, to be pleased and to have confidence in yourself decrease.

You take it for granted that anyone doesn’t praise you because you are already not a child.
It is no wonder even if you think so.

However, to be praised and to have confidence in yourself are important to feel happiness in your life.

Why don’t you live in the place where you can love yourself more?


Let’s like yourself!

How often is there the moment you can love yourself in your live?

In every day surrounded by people who resemble you, there may not be the moment that you think of yourself as “Like!”.

You may lose confidence because you don’t have any skills.

However, if you interact with people living in different world from you, you will notice unexpected things.

What you aren’t praised in your workplace may be amazing skills for other occupation and industry type.

Even if you think you have no redeeming traits, you may be a creative person to bring a new viewpoint for Japanese or people from foreign countries.

In the international share house where you live with people from various countries including Japan, there isn’t “what this is common sense”.

What people can do, feel and think is different from each person.

There are a lot of things that you notice from difference.

When you want to notice your values that you don’t know,
when you want to have confidence and like yourself,
the international share house help you.

Gain confidence

If anyone says “Thank you” to you, you are pleased.

If anyone is pleased with what you did, you feel happy and proud of yourself.

When you want to say “Thank you” to anyone, it is the moment that you feel happiness.

In the international share house where the difference is natural, there are a lot of opportunities to say “Thank you”.

“Thank you for noticing.”
“Thank you for telling me.”
“Thank you for talking.”

The single word makes you feel confidence and pleasure, and that will become vitality to live your life happily.

If you can gain confidence, you are able to love yourself.

“I want to like myself.”
As for such a case, the international share house.


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