International Exchange Share House - Shakujii Park - [起業家・英語漬け・子育て支援]コンセプトシェアハウス専門会社[東京、横浜、京都、福岡]

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International Exchange Share House - Tokyo Nerima Shakujii Park -

★Now campaign! Every month 13000yen OFF!★

A share house where you can live with Japanese who wants to experience international exchange.
You can make Japanese friends, brush up your Japanese language, and learn a real Japanese culture here.

Our share house provides an environment where foreigners and Japanese can enjoy international exchange by partnering with study abroad agents (English / French-speaking international students) and English conversation school (English conversation teacher to Japan).
There is a mechanism that everyone can make foreign friend easliy by communication tools among residentsand as well as monthly international exchange party.
This place give you a opportunity to acquire Japanese, English and French because there are many japanese and foreign students from English/ French speaking countries.

Concept of our share house

"Fun to learn Japanese, English and French in daily life" International exchange share house


Holding an international exchange party every month.
Communication tool residents (in English).


12 minutes walk from Oizumi Gakuen station on Seibu Ikebukuro line (15 minutes to Ikebukuro).
17 minutes walk from Kami-Shakujii station on Seibu Shinjuku Line (20 minutes to Shinjuku).


5-24-1 Shakujiidai, Nerima-ku, Tokyo-to 177-0045, Japan (Map)

Monthly Cost

Private room 63,000-66,000 yen (★campaign★5,000 yen discounht every month!).
Common service fee 15,000 yen (Water utility fee, Wi-Fi, Washing machine · Dryer usage fee, International party participation fee included).

Initial cost

Administrative fee 20,000 yen (including move out-cleaning fee),
Security deposit 0, key money 0, brokerage fee 0


Those who would like to enjoy international exchange
Those who want to acquire or emprove Japanese, English and French
Minimum stay is available form 1 month.


Bicycle parking place: availiable (free)、Common Bicycle: available(free)
It is clean and tidy share house, built in 2015
Bathtub available so it is also ideal for women
Share house is just next to Shakujii Park




★campaign★5,000 yen discounht every month!

Room Rent Utilities Size(㎡) Remarks State Residence Info
101 9.31 角部屋 full France
102 8.38 full USA
103 63000 15,000 8.38 available 10/13から入居可能
104 9.19 角部屋 full France
105 8.38 full France
201 9.32 角部屋 full France
202 8.38 full France
203 8.38 full Japan
204 9.19 角部屋 full France
205 8.38 full Japan
206 8.38 full France
207 63000 15,000 8.38 available 10/21から入居可能
208 8.38 角部屋 full Japan
209 8.58 角部屋 full France

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