business_en - [起業家・英語漬け・子育て支援]コンセプトシェアハウス専門会社[東京、横浜、京都、福岡]

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Irodori Factory: Concept

“Leave an impression”

Irodori Factory strives to contribute to a society in which people “feel purpose in each day”

We create environments where people of all walks of life can be true to themselves, and follow their dreams and ideals within a supportive network.

We carry out this philosophy through producing “share houses” and providing Information and Technology Consulting services:


“Share House” Consulting and Management

We produce and maintain share houses (housing co-operatives) centered around specific lifestyle themes.
We begin with the concept, then “build” on them from the ground up. At Irodori Factory, we go above and beyond the average renter: we provide entrepreneurial services, we advertise, and manage all of our properties.

Housing Complex Revitalization Projects

We carry out urban development through generating awareness of the “richness of living in connection with others.”

Lectures and Seminars

We hold lectures and seminars about a wide variety of topics centered around the share house and IT industries based on attendee interest

IT Consulting and System Development

Our services are available not only on the Web, but via business systems, electronic commerce and smartphone applications.