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【Would you like to remember your feeling you’ve forgot?】 The international share house where living in Japan is changed.



Let’s imagine a little.


The state of tomorrow.
The state of three months later.

Do you think that you continue your life like today or that you live in your life beyond all imagination?

In one day,
In three months,
you may think that nothing change and it’s natural.

However, your daily life is unknown continuation.
After three months, you may be able to change your life by today’s event.

“What kind of day will it be today?”

Do you remember the exciting feeling you’ve forgot?


The international share house where the unexpected thing happens every day

In the international share house, you can live with the people who spend the unexpected life.

One event.
One information.
One trouble.

There are the days that you can learn other viewpoint and how to think.

In the international share house, you can increase the encounter with not only Japanese but also foreigners living in Japan.
Here, it would be difficult to spend every day in the routine.

You can share not only wisdom, information but also how to enjoy every day, how to open up a new path of life with the people from all over the world.

Would you like to make use of the environment you can expand a living in Japan?

What kind of everyday will it be?

There are various ways of life.
There are various kinds of work.

There is the life to tell that there are various choices in the way to use the day.

Even if you live in the international share house,
what kind of every day it is?

“What kind of today will it be♪♪”
“What do I do in three months?”

Why don’t you remember such exciting feeling and feeling to expect in the future?

If you choose new life to change your life,
How about the choice “you live in the international share house”?


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